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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

NOT BOBBY!!!!!!!!!

While it was on, and after it was over, Katherine and I stayed willfully ignorant of the goings on in the final season of the Sopranos. We hadn't watched the series until Laos, where we watched everything up until the final season on DVD.

The final season was to start just as we arrived at FSI for training and moved into our furnished apartment (cable included). Great, we thought, we'll watch it in real time. Unfortunately, our apartment didn't have HBO. Showtime or Starz or some joke of a movie channel like that, but not HBO. Thus, no Sopranos.

Unfortunately, we also were unwillfully ignorant of the fact that you could choose one of a menu of movie channels, HBO being a choice, by telling the front desk at the complex which one you wanted. Live and learn.

So we didn't see any of the final episodes when we were in DC. And we made a conscious effort to avoid knowing the details of the season.

Last week we noticed that the final season on DVD was here (here being the embassy commissary) and we snatched it up. We are through 8 of 9 episodes.

Why did Bobby have to die? He was just a big, dumb, loyal guy who liked model trains. Why couldn't Janice have gotten it instead? She's mean, that one.

Tomorrow night we'll watch the finale. Katherine's going to make a big pot of pasta, we'll put Jack to bed, open a bottle of red, and have at it.

Unfortunately, the one thing about the finale that I couldn't avoid knowing about is the final scene. You would think it was the moon landing or the JFK assassination for all the talk. So some of the suspense will be gone for me. I don't think Katherine knows, though.

Don't tell her.


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