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Thursday, January 03, 2008

The wedding...

John and Katrina looking happy (and blurry) after the ceremony.

A wedding, by the way, in which the vows were interrupted by (I kid you not) a guest standing and yelling 'IS THERE A DOCTOR HERE?' Would have been better only if they would have used the more recognizable 'Is there a doctor in the house?' As we were in a church, it wouldn't have made as much sense, unless talking about the 'house of god'.

Seems a pregnant woman hadn't eaten much, was in a hot church, near the incense. It all became just a bit much. She was sitting right behind Katherine when she passed out. Jack and I had taken our leave of the service to go outside and eat rocks for a while so we saw her carried out, a rag doll in her boyfriend's arms. She came to about 20 seconds later and was fine, if not a little bit embarrassed. And the wedding concluded without incident.

After a bit of a happy hour at Katrina's parents' place, where we spent most of our time chasing after the kid...

...we borrowed our friends' rented Landcruiser and bounced back to our lodge to put Jack to bed. Another guest had brought their nanny along and she agreed to watch Jack as well while we returned to the reception to drink and dance the night away.

We're good parents.

John and his boys, Edward and Yohannes. They live in Norway with their mum, but visit John often in Laos, or wherever it is he might be at any given time. Here they were enjoying that song (maybe by a Norwegian) that goes Wa a a HEE Wa a a HAA Wa a a HO Wa a a HOO HOO or something like that.

The 300+ wedding guests were all under one tent. One HUGE tent. Four enormous poles, taller than a telephone pole, holding the center up.

The next morning we went back to the Patersons' for brunch, where we once again spent our time chasing the kid. Thankfully, he had Buzzy the Jack Russell Terrier to entertain him. And it seems Jack may be a future rugby player.


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