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Tuesday, January 01, 2008


A great place. Katrina set us up nicely. When we arrived the camp manager came over and said that She had called two days before to tell him to treat us right. Nice of her as she tended to final wedding prep.

Our tent overlooked the plains, where elephants and antelope would saunter by. The camp is right on the Mara river. When you see wildlife shows about the wildebeest migration and hundreds of animals crossing a river with some being picked off by huge crocodiles...that's the Mara river. At night hippos came out of the river to feed around the camp.

Jack had fun running around, collecting rocks, and trying to eat various types of animal poop.

Our FAVORITE camp activity, however, was walking up and down the three stairs at the dining area. We couldn't get enough of it.

Because the camp was wide open to any wild thing that decided to pass through, the camp had guys stationed around to deal with them. Daniel, in the background, did well to keep us safe with his anti-animal weapon...a stick.

One thing our tent didn't have was a bathtub. The horror...

Given Jack's prediliction for rolling in dirt, he needed regular cleaning. So we improvised.

Too much of a good thing, though, as now any time I get in the shower, Jack stands beside the tub, arms raised, crying.


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