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Thursday, December 27, 2007

The problem with a trip to Kenya...

Lots of pictures.

And tired from the trip home.

So, a bit of a taste of things to come, safari-wise, anyway.

Kevin and Harper came with us to the Masai Mara. We spent alot of time in the truck bouncing over ruts and holes, through the muck, etc. Harper and Jack were troopers.

Our truck. This photo taken by me after I hopped out, scanned the horizon for predators (I'm certain I am quite tasty and sought after by all of Africa's predators), and, like the animals, relieved myself in the plains of the Masai Mara.

Quite a multitude of wildlife. About the only thing we didn't see was a leopard. Here is a random shot of the plains (click on the photo to enlarge to get a better view). As far as the eye can see...

A solitary giraffe has a snack near dusk.

A small herd of elephants sheltering from the short, but heavy, rainfall one late morning.

Two cheetahs tried their luck at stalking, then running after, some large, male waterbuck. They were having none of it, and chased the cheetahs off.

We followed the cheetahs for about another half hour and watched one finally get breakfast. I know it goes without saying, but cheetahs are, like, really fast.

Here he is applying the coup de grace to the hapless reedbuck.

Much more to come from our time in the Mara, plus there was a wedding, a whirlwind 14 hours in London, time in Nairobi and a few days near Lake Naivasha with the Benders where Jack found a new best friend; Tanga, the most patient dog in the world (you will agree with me after seeing the video).


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