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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

T Minus

36 hours until Alan Wilson is in residence.

42 hours until Diana Dietrich is in residence.

42 hours 2 minutes until Katherine turns Jack over to Alan and Diana and takes a nap.

We thought we had a part-time nanny all lined up for about 16 hours a week, thus giving Katherine a bit of time to blaze her own trail, sans baby, through Kyiv. She had a great recommendation and we could tell when we met with her that she would be fantastic with Jack. She was to have started Monday at 1:00 PM. At 1:30 PM Monday Katherine called to say she hadn't shown up. So I called her and she said, 'oh, I tried to call you earlier this morning. Turns out I'm not going to work for you afterall, I got a full time job this morning.' I hung up on her. Then I called her back and bitched her out for being unprofessional...just for good measure.

So Tuesday night we interviewed another woman. In 10 minutes she admitted she was kind of scared of little kids, she asked if we use a leash on Jack when out in the park, and said that the last little girl she cared for ran around alot and she hoped Jack was calmer.

We didn't end up hiring her.

Saturday we are meeting with another woman who is coming highly recommended. Only problem is she isn't available nights and weekends, so we'll still be chained (so to speak) to our house from about 8:00 pm onwards (our baby monitor has a good range, but it, unfortunately, doesn't work down the pub).


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