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Monday, February 12, 2007

Travel with babies

We've had fun traveling with Jack, first to Xieng Khuang with Tom, Goht and Mali, and now to Luang Prabang with the Parrs clan.

It certainly does change the dynamic, though. Everything takes a bit longer, and you need to take breaks now and then to nap, feed, play with, or otherwise engage the little poop machines.

But we persevere, and we have fun, and we stroll down the street with...well...strollers.

Eva and Jack didn't really get into the whole forced interaction thing. Mostly willful indifference, even when we threw them on top of each other.

Eva and Alex enjoy the Nam Khan river out front of the Apsara. Oh, the Apsara. I pined for it all weekend.

What we have learned in our short 2.5 months with Jack is that 1) he is very cute, but, maybe more importantly 2) we can continue to travel, to explore, to live our lives as we did, with some slight modifications (read: diaper bags, trips to the hotel kitchen to sterilize things, and downtime). Regarding point number 1, Katherine has decided that she can look at Jack in an unbiased way and still find him the cutest baby around. No offense to Eva, of course.

Breakfast this morning at JOMA. Jack slept through it, Eva was a bit more awake.

In her time exploring Luang Prabang and its markets, Vone made some good purchases. She came home with some uniquely LP treats, including river weed (actually an algae that is harvested from the Nam Ou river, pounded out, dried, and roasted with some sort of oil and sesame seeds...very tasty), jaew bong (a sort of spicy sauce that includes buffalo tendon as its special ingredient...also tasty), and Luang Prabang sausages. She also made a small purchase for Jack.

Can you guess what it is?

Next up, a 24 hour trip to New York with Jack. Wonder if that will make me change my tune about the whole traveling with babies theme?


At 1:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My wife and I (FS hopefuls) are long-time fans, and have been DESPERATE to comment (CONGRATULATIONS on Jack!) and query (more of that to come). We've been wondering how we're going to travel with our newborn overseas this summer. We're thinking drugs. Strong drugs. The whole time. Have you received any medical advice on how to have a peaceful flight?
Josh from Florida

At 3:47 AM, Blogger Katherine and Phil said...

We have not yet done the 1/2 way round the world trip with Jack, and he's basically slept on the 5 plane rides he's been on so far, but they've all been about 1 hour long, so that's no great victory.

We'll know more on March 16, but we do have a book called Global Baby by Anne Copeland. It's got tips on surviving long distance travel as well as tips for pre and post move.

You were likely speaking tongue in cheek about the drugs, but one thing I read there (or somewhere) is that if you want to try drugs make sure you try them before the flight first, as some babies react by getting hyper and more irritable to certain drugs.

The one time we gave Jack baby tylenol he calmed down and went right to sleep. That will be in the diaper bag...

I love it. Dispensing parenting advice. I'm a natural at it...


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