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Sunday, January 28, 2007

So our weekend was chock full of tennis, babies, and parties with co-workers. Friday was the previously mentioned embassy field dedication/party.

Saturday night we went to my boss' house for dinner. Some Lao friends taught me the lovely game of Phai Viet, which basically means Vietnamese cards. From what I learned, you deal cards, then everyone puts cards down in order except me because I never had good cards, then I had to give money to someone. Luckily we were only playing for the equivalent of $0.10 per hand.

Anyway, Phai Viet, live and in color (but very, very dark color).

Then Katherine came to tell me it was time to stop losing money and go home. I think I lost $0.70 that night. No diapers for Jack for a while.

Today we went to another co-worker's house for a barbecue. Real Wisconsin brats. Very nice.


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