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Monday, January 29, 2007

Show yourself scoundrel, and I shall run you through...

So we've been posting little vidoes of Jack on youtube in order to wow you with wonderful little snippets of our life here, which at this point basically is Jack.

Anyway, our latest of Jack has been viewed 44 times according to youtube. And one of you 44 took the time to actually rate the video. I guess there is a way to rate the videos you watch there. Anyway, 1 out of 5 stars? What the fo?

I mean, if you are rating my singing, fine, but if you are rating my boy a mere 1 out of 5 stars, we're going to have to have words you anonymous internet rating bastard...

6 weeks to go. I think I made a mental changeover in my head. Not really interested in much currently. Katherine says she's started looking forward to our departure as well. I think it's natural once there is a hard and fast date (Date Certain, if you are a project finance geek or a lawyer) of departure to kind of mentally start to project into the future, especially when that future starts with a long vacation in New York and Vieques.

We've also entered the time when we need to start doing our 'last' stuff. Like one last time at the Sunset (well, bad example, I'll spend plenty of quality time there before I go) or one last round of golf (Saturday).

I'm also planning one last trip to the field to assist in the handover of the UXO portfolio to another officer. I'm really going to miss working with the men (and the few women) who work in UXO here. My inclination is to go somewhere I haven't been yet, but it makes most sense to head to either Savannakhet, Champassak or Khammouane. Still, it's hard to complain about going to any of those places. I am sure I won't get much sympathy.

Alright. It's Monday night, so that means it's time for Green Curry and a few episodes of Scrubs. Well, Monday doesn't actually mean that, but this Monday it happens to be what's going to happen.


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