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Monday, January 01, 2007

Vang Vieng

We got to Vang Vieng at about 5:00 pm. Jack slept most of the trip, which was nice.

The places we'd stayed at before were all booked (we were trying to get reservations a day before arrival during the high season afterall) so we ended up about 4KM outside of town at the Thamnon Bungalows, which were very nice and right on the river across from a cool cave of the same name (Tham Non means sleeping cave, and it is said that it is inhabited by ghosts). When we were eating dinner and told the restuarant owner where we were staying, he inquired whether we were comfortable there, what with all the ghosts and all.

There are 5 bungalows, but we were the only guests. They are a little high-priced for the general backpacker tourist and probably not so well known to mid-range budget travelers from overseas. We enjoyed the solitude, and were kind of thankful because we didn't need to worry if Jack cried alot at night.

We spent some quality time on our little deck, enjoyed some beer Lao and a few rousing games of Uno and Yahtzee (I lost at both), and watching the few straggler kayakers going past headed into town before dark.

In the morning, the French-Lao owner, Many, was happy to hang with Jack while we ate breakfast.


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