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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Because I am now an expert on all things poop-related...

...I will just give everyone a word of warning. Huggies SUCK! Much better to use the Mamy Pokos as they don't leak like EVERY DAMN TIME Jack goes to the bathroom like Huggies do.

Jack post-bath. He seems to enjoy baths so far. Lucky too, given our recent experience with the Huggies.

That's not to say he's always well-behaved. He's taken to crying quite a bit regardless of whether he is tired, hungry, whatever. What seems to work is taking him onto the balcony. Maybe it's the heat of the outdoors, maybe the ambient noise from the street below. Who knows? What we do know is that it seems to have a calming effect.

What also seems to work is naps in bed with dad, or mom. Try to move him from the bed to his crib, though, and he turns into a monster.


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