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Monday, November 27, 2006

All the photos you care to see...

And some you may not want to see of Katherine, Jack, and other supporting castmembers can be found here (and no, the pictures are in no particular order, nor do they have captions to explain what you are seeing. I think you are smart enough to figure it out, though).

Katherine and I took Jack out for his first real outing today, all the way to a restaurant on Soi 31. We are on Soi 24.

It's not as impressive when you know that the Sois (side streets) don't line up exactly and so the Emporium, on Soi 24, is across Sukumvit from Soi 33. But still.

Jack didn't really like his stroller at first (really just his car seat that sits on a frame with wheels), but then fell asleep straight away when we started our walk. There is a nice little park next to the hotel, so we walked through there, then across Sukumvit (scary, lots of traffic, even when crossing at a crosswalk) to an italian restaurant. Jack slept through the whole thing.

Come midnight when Jack is fussy I think I'll be walking the halls pushing a stroller. Until, of course, his shrieks result in an angry mob of neighbors. Maybe I'll walk him 2 floors down.

Tomorrow we have Jack's first post-hospital pediatrician appointment, Wednesday it is to the Embassy for his Consular Report of Birth Abroad, and Thursday I'm heading to the TRSC International Lasik Center for my pre-operative eye exam.


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