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Sunday, November 19, 2006

The End Result...

So on to the next phase. Epidural time, and none too soon for me (and Katherine, of course). So they put Katherine on an epidural, then drew some blood. The blood tests revealed a rising white blood count and a falling platelet count, so Dr. Sankiat recommended a C-section. There was just no way to tell how long the baby had been exposed because of the tear in the amniotic sack.

One hour later, Jack was born.

I scrubbed in just in case the doctors needed any advice. I have seen 4 seasons of Scrubs afterall.

Because Katherine already had the epidural, she was awake for the procedure. Jack came out, and after the longest 10 or so seconds, he began to cry. My boy's got skills too. 10 on the APGAR, for those in the know.

I took Jack back to the delivery room while the doctors finished up in the OR with Katherine. After Katherine joined us, Diana and Alan came over to meet their grandson.

We got on the phone to New York and Minnesota - grandparents and uncles, aunts and cousins stateside all got the news.

The team (minus Dr. Sankiat, his surgical staff, the nursing staff, etc. of course). Katherine and I were so incredibly lucky to have Kate with us throughout. She really helped to make Katherine's labor as tolerable as possible.
She also kept me in check. I mean, I don't know what I'm doing.

Katherine going through a particularly hard contraction, concentrating, Kate talking to her in a soothing voice about how great she's doing, telling her to focus on her breathing, telling her the room is a safe place to be to go through this thrilling thing, there is nothing to be scared of...

EXCEPT BEARS, I say, but there are none here, so don't worry. Levity, right?

Katherine ignores me and continues to concentrate, and Kate shoots me a look that says "you are not helping" for about the 4th time. I learned. Slow, sure, but I came around.

Katherine is now resting with Jack at the hospital. Diana and Alan are with them. I'm hitting the shower then heading back.


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