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Saturday, September 20, 2008

More selfless than Mother Teresa

A few week ago Katherine and I joined a few other embassy folk at Otchiy Dom, an orphanage just outside of Kyiv.

We went to help out with some projects around the place. I expected it to be a bit "little orphan annie" but was surprised to find a nice place with kids who used to be on the streets in a caring environment. Plus, the house was blue.

I think when they heard we were coming, they decided not to do all the worst things that needed to be done, assuming we were stupid enough to do anything they asked. And they were right.

Stripping wallpaper?


I wanted to suggest painting the walls instead of re-wallpapering them, but they had already bought the new stuff.

Painting low bricks on the stairs because they tend to get dirty. I gave myself a promotion to foreman and employed a few of the kids.

The group, with some of the kids. They cut me out of the picture. I was on the far left. Just as well, I guess.

The organization does a good job getting kids off the street. They have a multi-step program, with the goal either a) getting the kids back to their parents, b) getting the kids adopted into new families, or c) letting the kids grow up in a family environment at the home.

They seem to be doing a good job.


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