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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dynamo - Arsenal

Champions League, Group G, First Round.

1-1 tie.

That was a surprise.

Luther and I went with a large group of people from the embassy + other, non-affiliated folk.

Arsenal tied it at 87 minutes, casting a pall over the stadium.

Good game all around, though.

More news here.

Marilyn and Luther leave


I guess I didn't finish my last sentence. Marilyn and Luther leave Friday, which is today, which is to say that they left. For Rome. In Italy. The one shaped like a boot.

Tomorrow we have our very own taste of Germany right here in Kyiv. Oktoberfest. We went last year on our first weekend in town (tomorrow is our 1 year anniversary in Kyiv). Tomorrow we're going without Jack. 2 liter beers and sausage. What more could you want to celebrate a year in Ukraine?


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