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Sunday, July 06, 2008


Well, that was a good match.

I met a few friends out to watch it at a bar. Bar didn't have it. Moved to another. They didn't have it.

Finally returned to a friend's house and watched it on AFN. Armed Forces Network is a series of channels for overseas military personnel you can pick up with a small dish, a decoder, and a pin code you get from the military if you qualify (we do, but we don't have the decoder...yet).

So we got to watch the match with Johnny Mac doing the color commentary instead of some Ukrainian guy speaking, you know, Ukrainian.

During the first rain delay I decided to call it a night, as I could get home to hang with Jack a bit before bed.

When Federer won the 4th set, I went back over to watch the 5th (my friend with the magic AFN box lives in the building next to ours).

Anyway, great match.


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