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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Nervig

You owe us $34,921 in unpaid taxes, penalties, and interest for 2006.



Who knew we made so much in capital gains in 2006?
We didn't.
But it is still quite a wake up to open a fat envelope from the IRS saying you do.
We'll work it out, and the total will be something, but much, MUCH, less.
Turns out, I wasn't wrong to lament that we had to organize our taxes during our departure time in Laos. Turns out, in fact, that we organized them poorly. Turns out, finally, that we owe the gov't a bit more. Damn passive income. I rue the day we ever had enough to actually invest.
Or not.
But it still sucks.


At 3:42 PM, Anonymous The new thinner version said...

Damn, I thought ours was bad. Amy sends her best. We were in Tuscany May 9-30, looks like you were in Croatia for some of the same time. Nice. Still readjusting to being back. Not hard with staff and all, but....starting to think hard about the next place.

Cheers. UXO crowd remains very cool.
And I have lost about 10 kilos and am not currently using my previous name "Mr. Obese." The doc from BKK said I was technically obese a few months ago, so decided to change things. Any ideas where you are going next?


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