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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Kotor, and the Bay of...

In a word, Stunning.

An inlet from the Adriatic opens up to a large bay, surrounded by towering mountains and old shipping villages.

After 3 days there we took the 'old' road out, which consisted of about 30 switchbacks up the mountain and down the other side. Not a lot of traffic on the road, which made it all the more surprising to find a guy in a pickup at the top of the mountain selling local prosciutto and cheese out of a cooler. We passed. But on a few of the switchbacks we stopped to take a view back over the bay and the town. This is what we saw.

Perast, as seen from an island in the middle of the bay. We stayed in Dubrota, a 'suburb' of Kotor just off the point of Perast.

The island in the background has a monastery on it. The island we are standing on was formed over hundreds of years as fisherman, departing on their trips to sea, would stop and drop a rock just off the monastery island. Soon enough, the rocks piled up and they decided to just make an island out of the pile, and put a church on it to boot.

We stayed at the Palazzo Radomiri, a rebuilt 17th century palace on the banks of the bay. It was rebuilt by a Serbian guy and his Russian wife, who live at the back of the property.

A nice place, and a nice place to play scrabble, too.


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