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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Initial Observations, as told by Katherine N.

Umm...there seems to be no open container laws in Ukraine, and the parents drink in the playground. I think drinking in public is a good thing.

They like vodka and chocolate (there is an entire aisle for each at our local supermarket)

Black Lexuses and Mercedes can drive on the sidewalks

mmm...I want you to do it with me...c'mon Phil, why are you being such a jerk. Don't you have any initial observations? I just told you to count some ballots and you didn't write that! You're like a child.

Be on the lookout for falling chestnuts

Oh, everybody smokes.

It is a beautiful walking city if you don't mind hills (ed. note: and cars driving on the sidewalks)

Jack likes the playground in the park at the end of our street. (ed. note: Jack is now walking, but not all the way to the park. And he's saying Da Da)

Our apartment is beautiful, if you don't mind a five flight walk up or jamming yourself into an elevator the size of a large shoe box.

Dialup is slow when you are used to high-speed internet (ed. note: Thus, no photos, but high speed coming just as soon as we can order it)

The interface (how we do this blog) is in Ukrainian.

Batteries on the computer running low, so that is all for now


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