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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A weekend. An actual a day.

Given that the passport taskforce was six days a week, I was really looking forward to a weekend.

Katherine and Jack started out Friday with Christian and Kimberly. I guess Jack just wanted Christian to shut his mouth.

Our friends Greg and Claudine and their son Matthew came down from NYC on Saturday. We did a lot of playing, walking around, and swimming in our matching swim trunks. And we went to the zoo. Lots of strollers at the zoo.

My new haircut really shows off my distinguished gray hair.

Big Sunday night celebration at the Oakwood Falls Church. 8 adults and 3 kids for dinner (take out Lebanese). We figured better to control the chaos at home rather than subject the Lebanese Taverna to our presence.

Katherine contemplating life with a second child. Just contemplating, not preparing for anything in the next 9 months or anything.


At 2:51 AM, Blogger Kent said...

Is that a hint or something? You wrote that with a clever bit of foreshadowing...

You two MUST have at least one more. I know we've talked about this with you two, but really. I mean how could you not want one more little nervig-dietrich? I mean look at Jack!


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