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Monday, August 13, 2007

A well-rounded diet for our growing boy

We are keeping him full of the two Bs of the food pyramid.


And, well...

He's quick, that one. And yes, the bottle was completely empty, or we would have taken it right away rather than taking a picture. We are GOOD parents.

Jack is getting to the stage where he wants to do everything that we do. His favorite things to do are to grab my cell phone, bang on the computer, and pretty much grab whatever we've just put down. Hence, grabbing the empty beer bottle I had just put down.

In other Jack news, he stood all by himself (for about 15 seconds, then fell on his butt). We also bought him a little push lawnmower thingy so he is strutting all over the apartment.

Except he's not right now because he and Katherine went to California this morning. Hanging with Aunt Meredith, Grandpa Steve and Grandma Bonnie in a house Bonnie and Stephen rented in Beverly Hills for the week. Not bad. And, it means that I can concentrate on important things like online poker, TV (not really allowed when Jack is in the room), and sleeping. I can't even really take advantage of the time off professionally as I am basically doing shift work on the passport taskforce...hence, no homework.


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