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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Jack vs. the couch

One of the nice things about coming back to FSI (the Foreign Service Institute, for those not in the know) is re-connecting with friends we made while in training last time. My training class was over 90 people, and a number of them are now back at FSI, and a number of those people are very good friends that we made while here last time.

And so we get to see them again.

Some, we had the opportunity to see in the past two years, like our friend Mary Beth, who we saw in Indonesia, Thailand, and in our hometown of Vientiane. Others we haven't seen since we (or they) left for post the first time.

There is something exciting about reconnecting with people who are:

back from Haiti and on their way to Afghanistan

back from Mauritania (it's in Africa) and on their way to Australia

back from Indonesia and on their way to Morocco

back from Mexico and on their way to Thailand

back from Benin (also in Africa) and on their way to Russia

back from Djibouti and on their way to Slovenia (it's in Europe)

back from Oman and on their way to Bosnia

back from Ecuador and on their way to Estonia...

...and so on...

A unique aspect of the foreign service, I guess.

Anyway, enough of that, here's Jack not understanding the concept of 'solid'.


At 8:42 PM, Anonymous joanie smith said...

Your blog just gets better and better and Jackson just gets cuter and cuter. Love,Aunt Joanie


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