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Friday, December 29, 2006

Updates and progress

Wednesday night we went to check on the progress of our carpet. It is off the loom and being cleaned up and getting some finishing touches added. Should be ready next week. Likely just in time to get it home and have Jack pee on it. Marilyn and Luther were drawn in by Ismed, the crazy Turkmen proprietor (okay, he's not crazy. He and his Lao wife of 20+ years have actually built themselves a wonderful business, but 'crazy Turkmen' is a cool description), and his detailed explanation and demonstration of the carpet making process and left with a small purchase themselves.

Thursday morning I swung by the airport on the way to work to drop Marilyn and Luther off for their return to Minnesota. Thursday night I swung by the airport after work to pick up Marla and Lesley, who were en route from Luang Prabang. 18:50 arrival; I got there at 18:30. So I headed into the little cafe in the domestic lounge and found some people interested in sharing a beer. Khonsavanh is the smiley one, and Vandee is the multi-talented one, both drinking a beer nad pouring a beer for me. Plus he's security, so, you know, safety first.

Then the plane landed and I went to wait for Marla and Lesley to emerge. When they didn't come out after a few minutes, I sweet-talked my way into the baggage area to find them.

I didn't find them.

I got the number for the LP airport and called. A passenger, last name Klinger, K-L-I-N-G-E-R. Nope, noone by that name on any flight. MARLA KLINGER! Nope. GOLDMAN, G-O-L...

Oh, wait, Klinger? Yes, she's on the flight arriving at 19:50. They didn't miss their flight, it just so happens that their flight time was pushed back an hour, while another, different flight took their time slot. Makes sense, no?

So I had time to go back to my friends who were still celebrating the end of their work day in the cafe.

Lesley and Marla safely in our home, it was time for some QT with Jack. He attacks the bottle like a champ, but he is a demanding little cuss.


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