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Friday, March 16, 2007

Travels and travails

Last evening at the Sunset Bar on Tuesday night.

A stop off in Bangkok to endanger our baby by not using child restraints in the cab...because they don't exist in Bangkok cabs (and we had to get to the hospital for his checkup somehow, didn't we?)

6 bags checked, 3 bags carried on, one baby and one carseat carried on, one snap and go stroller gate checked for retrieval in Narita for our transfer to the next flight.

Five hours later arrived in Narita sans stroller. Where is it? Who knows?

Now 3 carry ons and one kid in a carseat lugged to our next gate.

About 5 hours into our 11 hour flight to Chicago and we've run out of things to entertain Jack with.


About 8 hours into the 11 hour flight to Chicago. Everyone asleep...except...

Jack was actually really good for about 90% of the flight. He didn't sleep much, but he didn't complain much either.

And here we, in an O'hare Airport Hilton. Seems someone decided to dump snow on the east coast so we are waitlisted for tomorrow morning 7:55 and onward, with confirmed seats on the first available flight, which is 9:15 pm SUNDAY.

Here's hoping that our business class tickets vault us to the front of the line and at least two people (3 would be better) miss the flight tomorrow morning.

We are now on American soil, but thus far the welcome hasn't been as good as we would have hoped. Damn snow.


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