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Thursday, April 27, 2006

The route to Phra Nang beach from Railay took us across the peninsula and through our hotel grounds to Railay East beach. Our place stretched from West to East. We were in a bungalow on the right hand side of the walkway.

Railay East is not much of a beach, and becomes a mud flat at low tide. However, it was the route to Phra Nang, so we visited a few times. Crab eating Macaques were in the surrounding trees. I kept my glasses well out of their reach. That didn't keep them safe, however, as Katherine dropped them the day we were leaving and popped a lens out. Luckily, the resort town that our longtail boat dropped us at to find a cab had a glasses shop right on the beach where they fixed them for free in about 2 minutes.

Phra Nang beach.
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